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At major muffler & Auto repair we know some drivers like a quiet exhaust while others prefer a "louder the better" approach. Either way, an unusual rattle when your car is running is a signal that it is time for an immediate inspection of your exhaust system.

Premium Exhaust System Work

  • Performance mufflers & pipes
  • Custom pipe bending
  • FREE Exhaust inspection and estimates
  • Performance headers
  • Regular and heavy-duty exhausts
  • Catalytic converters and testing

Exclusive Custom Exhaust Work
Aluminized corrosion-resistant pipe installation, diagnostic, light welding and brazing, custom exhaust fabrication, 4" and 5" diesel systems, exhaust manifolds, and cat back systems are just some of the highly rated work that we do for our customers. If you're looking for a change or just a simple repair we're the place to go.

Exhaust Manifolds / Headers
Exhaust manifolds are frequently formed of cast iron. The cast iron keeps exhaust from being cleared as efficiently as possible however headers counteract this by being made of individual steel tubes that connect to each cylinder and all connect to a singular collector pipe that leads to the rest of the vehicle. The tubes have a smooth interior that keeps gasses flowing evenly to prevent back-pressure on the engine. If you want the performance of a header but don't care for the sound, give us a call and ask about an electric exhaust cutout. They are simple to install and give you the freedom to open your exhaust without crawling under your vehicle.

Find Your Look!
Straight, U, J, and S exhaust tubing are made with smooth stainless steel, or mild steel aluminized metal interior, for maximum exhaust flow. At Major Muffler & auto Repair exhaust tubing can be configured for your very own custom system. Stainless steel tubing looks sharp and adds longevity to your exhaust system. Complete the look with stylish exhaust tips, nothing else will finish off the look better and we have a wide range of options to choose from.

High-Performance Headers
While exhaust manifolds and headers play a similar role, we know they are miles apart on performance. Headers are upgrade parts designed for performance applications, while exhaust manifolds come standard, and both move the exhaust away from the cylinder head to the exhaust pipe. Most noticeably, headers, its companion gaskets, and wider exhaust pipes are much louder than a traditional manifold. More importantly, the header improves the exhaust system's performance more than manifolds.

Catalytic Converter
Catalytic converters are the most expensive part of your exhaust system but they play an important role in cutting emissions from your vehicle. You may need to get your catalytic converter replaced if your vehicle has a noticeable delayed acceleration or smoke is coming from the tailpipe. Other signs that you need a replacement is if you hear a very loud rattling noise or your check engine light will begin to flash.

Additional reasons you may need to check the catalytic converter is if your vehicle is sputtering or has a reduction in gas mileage. All catalytic converter replacements receive a warranty after the service is done.

We are aware there is a rising tide of catalytic converter thefts in the California area. Whether you need a complete replacement, a repair, or other special circumstances please contact Major Muffler, a locally owned and operated shop, to schedule your appointment.

Converter Services Include:

  • Catalytic converter repairs
  • Catalytic converter replacements
  • Emission diagnosis

Oxygen Sensors
Ask any mechanic at Major Muffler & Auto Repair and they will tell you to have your O2 sensor inspected regularly. Oxygen sensors work in conjunction with your catalytic converter to monitor the amount of oxygen in your vehicle's exhaust system. The O2 sensor determines if your air to fuel ratio is balanced in real time as you accelerate or idle and helps your engine controller adjust the flow of fuel to maintain optimum oxygen to fuel mixture.

Loud Exhaust and Mufflers
X-pipes and H-pipes synchronize the balance of the exhaust pulses from each cylinder based on firing order to increase efficiency. Many high-performance vehicle owners like the deeper rumbling sound of H-pipes.

If you own a Street Rod, Lake Pipes and Side Pipes take the route along or beside the bottom of your car body offering both increased performance, vintage look, and an aggressive sound. When it comes to trucks and diesel, consider smoke stack exhaust pipes to improve engine efficiency, pulling power and performance.

Quiet Exhaust and Mufflers
At Major Muffler & Auto Repair we know you count on your exhaust system and muffler to reduce noise and normalize your engine back pressure. When your exhaust system is faulty it can be very loud, but more importantly, it can impact your engine performance. Whatever the problem, we can repair it and get you back on the road.

No matter your exhaust needs, Major Muffler is the place to see.

What People Say About Us

  • reviewicon
    , 01/01/2023

    Great place people and work

  • reviewicon
    , 07/16/2022

    Had them install an axle back exhaust and they were able to do it the same day and for a great price. Thanks!

  • reviewicon
    , 05/25/2022

    10/10 with these guys. Was only in town for a couple days and wanted to get something done. Someone had missed their appointment so I got in only a couple hours after I first went into the shop to talk about what I wanted done. Time wise and service wise these guys are awesome, 10/10 recommend and love the way my car sounds now! Good job Major Muffler!

  • reviewicon
    , 05/24/2022

    This place is awesome! Their level of service is second to none! They were very polite and courteous. They do excellent work and we'll definitely use them again if ever needed.

  • reviewicon
    , 04/07/2022

    Honest work. Hard to find. Extremely happy with my service.

  • reviewicon
    , 11/12/2021

    Great people, very good at their job & back up their work!

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