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Miscellaneous Auto Services

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Miscellaneous Auto Services

For whatever else may pose a threat to your vehicle's road performance, our knowledgeable auto specialists provide a number of services. Our work is guaranteed so you can rest easy knowing you're receiving the best workmanship possible.

Our additional services include:

Fuel Efficiency
The experts here at Major Muffler & Auto repair can inspect your vehicle and perform services that can help it operate at peak performance, help improve fuel efficiency, and the overall fuel economy. These inspections and services may include:

  • inspect and/or replace a clogged fuel filter
  • adjust tire [pressure to manufacturer recommended specification
  • inspect/clean the intake system
  • inspect/replace emission components
  • align front suspension
  • clean/replace dirty or malfunctioning fuel injectors
  • inspect/replace spark plug and spark plug wires
  • examine the exhaust gas recirculation system

Hubs, Seals, Studs, & Nuts
A wheel hub motor, also referred to as a wheel motor, is an electric motor incorporated into the wheel hub and drives it directly. You can have a safer and smoother ride today by replacing your warped and worn out wheel hubs.

Properly working seals provide oil and grease sealing - offering enhanced performance in a wide range of temperatures and environments. Worn out or warped seals allow external contaminants to enter the bearing unit or let lubricant escape from the unit which ultimately leads to premature failure of the bearing unit. To keep contaminants out and retain lubricant in the bearings, have the seals replaced with new ones.

Studs are the threaded fasteners that hold on the wheels of your truck. The wheel studs are permanently mounted on the wheel hub through the brake disk or brake drum. To secure the wheel, nuts (lug nuts) are fastened over the stud. Stripped wheel studs can be quite dangerous and damaged studs should be replaced immediately with high quality ones.

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Are you planning to buy a new vehicle? Don't take chances. Be confident about the car you are buying and have a pre-purchase inspection on the vehicle. A pre-purchase inspection involves examining the vehicle's condition to ensure it is worth buying. Our pre-purchase inspections will allow you to make an informed decision and peace of mind when you buy your next used car.

Pre-Trip Inspection
A pre-trip check up can make the difference between a safe trip and one that ends in tragedy. This inspection aims at looking for possible defects and potential mechanical problems that could cause disaster. Before embarking on your trip make sure your vehicle is fully inspected for safety to and from your destination.

Wheel Bearings
Wheel bearings are found inside the wheels, allowing them to spin freely, and are connected to the brake system. They can be worn down over time causing vibrating suspension and noisy rubbing when the vehicle is on the road. If they break completely the vehicle will become extremely difficult to control and very unsafe to drive. Replacement intervals for wheel bearings vary greatly, so leaks for leaks and wear periodically.

To learn more about our services, call us at 530-223-6640 or request a quote by clicking below:

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What People Say About Us

  • , 08/24/2023

    Great experience at Major Muffler! James was a huge blessing as we stopped in unexpectedly in Redding and he took a look and a listen and told us the problem and what we needed to get back on the road. So kind, quick, and helpful. When other shops told us they didn't have time, he took the time to help us out. Thank you James!!

  • , 08/23/2023

    Great work by James - had a few weld projects on an old rv and he had great solutions at a reasonable rate.

  • , 04/28/2023

    First time getting an exhaust done and it was a great experience. Had heard through the grapevine that this was the place to go to and I was not disappointed. The guy that did the exhaust (the owner, I think) is the only tech and took the time to discuss options with me and even put the muffler on after cutting to let me listen before welding it up and putting together. I initially thought I had a dual cat system but when he put it on the rack there was a y pipe to a single cat so we had to rework what we had planned. Ended up being cheaper than I thought it would be and still sounds good. Overall great experience and service.

  • , 01/01/2023

    Great place people and work

  • reviewicon
    , 07/16/2022

    Had them install an axle back exhaust and they were able to do it the same day and for a great price. Thanks!

  • reviewicon
    , 05/25/2022

    10/10 with these guys. Was only in town for a couple days and wanted to get something done. Someone had missed their appointment so I got in only a couple hours after I first went into the shop to talk about what I wanted done. Time wise and service wise these guys are awesome, 10/10 recommend and love the way my car sounds now! Good job Major Muffler!

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